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Internet Sales Shipping System

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Listens 24x7 for orders and sends order acknowledgement to customer immediately.
Pops up notice when orders are waiting.
Auto-fills Canada Post shipping web page.
Collects and product sales and customer history.
Reduces workload of small company shippers.
Private labelled with your logo and company name.

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Milltown has a very simple privacy policy:

1. We do not use cookies on this web site so we are not placing anything you do not want on your computer.

2. If you sign onto any Milltown Demo Product you are asked for your email. This is done so we can send you instructions on operating the demo and so the demo can send sample notifications to you for your review. When you close your browser after viewing the demo the 'sandbox' you used during the demo is deleted in its entirety. Your email address is logged as part of the demo and you may receive one or two followup emails but that's it. We do NOT sell your email to any third party.

3. After you purchase and install the Shipping System it may contact the support team from time to time to supply information about the number of times the application has been restarted to help us predict any problems you may be having. This is configurable so you do not need to participate. No system, network or personal information is collected. The information is encrypted when it is sent so it cannot be viewed by any intercepting party. AT INSTALLATION THIS FEATURE IS TURNED OFF.

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