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Document Control

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An ISO 9001 Compliant Document Control System

Milltown brings you a long-awaited product to provide document control assistance to ISO certified companies (and those working toward certification).

NOTE: Although originally intended for ISO 9001 certified companies this product is equally useful for all levels of ISO Quality Management System certification.

Many of you are using spread sheets, electronic file folders, paper files or other methods of controlling your ISO documents. As you well know this is inefficient and can easily cause 'findings' when audited.

Others of you are getting ready to certify or have recently certified and have looked at available document control systems only to find they are expensive and difficult to use.

The ISO Electronic Document Control System (EDCS) is full featured, inexpensive and easy to use for both employees and ISO Quality Managers alike. Specifically designed for small and medium businesses and employing the most recent web development technology, the EDCS is robust, extensible, intuitive and accessible from any device with a web browser.

The ISO Electronic Document Control System (EDCS) is a web-based product that you can host on your own Windows servers or any Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 computer on your network.

Are you a Quality Consultant?
We Do Private Branding!!

If you are a Quality Consultant you may want to add the Electronic Document Control System (EDCS) to your aresenal of offerings!!!

The EDCS is a web-based product that can be put on the servers in your office or on the servers of your provider.  New customers are added by simply filling in an informational form which triggers the EDCS to send the customer a welcome message and a product key so they can sign on and begin setting up their documents.

The EDCS contains full training module that requires a user to be 'graduated' before they can sign onto their company databases.  This ensures the integrity of the client data and meets the training requirements of ISO.

Offering the EDCS on-line provides a continuous and captive revenue stream with no maintenance other than regular backups - something I'm quite sure you are doing already.

Take a look at the demo and the information on these pages and contact us if you have any questions about how this all works.

Software as a service (SaaS) and ISO documentation in the cloud is the modern way of doing things - get on board now!

View a private branding proposal (pdf) here.

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Internet Shipping App

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Created for small, home-based businesses that take orders via PayPal, this application harvests the customer and product information from the PayPal emails, sends order confirmations, auto-completes Canada Post shipping forms and maintains product sales histories.  It is simple to use with a Windows 10-like user interface and significantly reduces the shipping time per order.

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Milltown ERP

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Fully Integrated ERP System with 3 decades of in-the-field experience (duly upgraded over time, of course).

Zero time to market. That's right. Milltown has a fully integrated state-of-the-art ERP system coded, documented and tested ready for you to take to market. This system would take 10 programmers 8-10 years to complete - and that doesn't include documentation, debugging and decades of in-the-field usage.

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