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The Milltown Group of companies began in 1974 with the incorporation of the first entity, a computer applications consulting firm serving industry and government. By 1981 the corporate group that had been built over an 8 year period had grown technically and financially and was sold to Canada's largest computer company to become one of their most successful divisions.

The sale permitted a new vision and a change of direction. New technologies were explored and the concept of a fully integrated computer application system for manufacturers was born and brought to market. Although no buzz-word had yet been applied to the technology, the now-called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system had been designed and implemented in a variety of companies ranging from circuit board design to heavy machinery manufacturing. This product became the foundation of the Milltown product offerings for the next 35 years.

Building on years of software development experience, Milltown began offering information technology project management services and custom systems design and development.

With the growing popularity of Crystal Reports and Business Intelligence, Milltown launched a division that specialized in the development of Crystal Reports for all database platforms.

With the advent of the Microsoft .net development platform at the turn of the century, Milltown applied its development experience and released a set of tools for developers using the Microsoft Visual Studio .net development environment. Having created hundreds of applications, Milltown was uniquely positioned to create a toolkit that embodied the expertise gained over the course of 30 years in the industry.

This toolkit, which permitted rapid software development, inspired a complete re-engineering of the Milltown ERP products from the bottom up, and in 2008 the flag-ship ERP product line was replaced with the new object-oriented .net product line with advanced features and a simplified structure.

We Are Retiring from ERP

So What ...

Yes, we are retiring from the ERP market place. After almost 40 years of software design, systems development and consultative implementation it is time to pass the baton to the next generation. Milltown was involved in technologies as old as automated bookkeeping machines and as modern as high speed multi-core servers.

The ERP product line needs fresh blood to take it to a market hungry for high-quality fully integrated ERP systems that meet the needs and budgets of small and mid-sized companies.

So... this provides a unique opportunity for a company currently involved in the manufacturing market place and wishing to add a fully modern software product to their offerings... OR for an energetic startup company that wants to hit the market running and produce revenue in its first days of business with a fully designed, programmed and tested ERP system.

This fully object oriented system is easy to maintain and easy to customize. It can be licensed in the usual fashion or can set up as an SaaS product - both will produce early revenue streams.

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