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Electronic Document Control System

Features Product Video Product Demo Implementation Resources

Exceeds ISO standards
Easy to Use Web Interface
Secure Document Respository
Password Protected
Built-In Document Change Flow
Role-Based Functionality
Automated Notifications

Placeholder Picture returns policy is as follows:

We want you to be fully satisfied with the product. If, after you have installed it and have attempted to use it you are dissatisfied, you will be refunded the full amount of your purchase. If you purchased Visual Source Safe from a third party we cannot reimburse you for that purchase. If you purchased the software pre-loaded on a laptop we cannot accept return of the hardware - you will be reimbursed for the software portion of the purchase only.


Of course there are conditions. Your dissatisfaction will have been documented by emails to our support team and, by this critical stage, phone calls. Returning your product for a refund will be a mutual decision based on evidence the EDCS doesn't work for you and we can't fix it.

'Returning the software' is a bit of a euphemism since you may have obtained it electronically. We ask that you purge all copies of the software from your storage media. We recognize that backups may contain the software and that they cannot be erased. However, we will ask you to confirm in writing that you have removed the software and will not use it in the future unless you purchase a new license.

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