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Electronic Document Control System

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Exceeds ISO standards
Easy to Use Web Interface
Secure Document Respository
Password Protected
Built-In Document Change Flow
Role-Based Functionality
Automated Notifications

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The Big Question: How difficult is it to implement the EDCS?

The EDCS was designed to be implemented in phases.

1. Load QMS documents. This phase is very simple. It involves assembling your QMS documents into one, or a series of, folders on a server accessible to the implementer and ensuring that each document has an associated pdf copy. Documents are then loaded into the EDCS using the tools provided. This phase will take only a minute or two per document.
IMMEDIATE BENEFITS - The EDCS will be immediately available to serve the latest document revision to all authenticated users. Since no roles have been established, all authenticated users can view all documents.

2. Establish roles and assign document owners, alternates, points of use and revision work flow to all documents. This takes some planning and likely the creation of (some) roles (the EDCS is delivered with a variety of roles). Assigning roles and work flow to documents takes a minute or two per document once the planning is complete.

3. Establish authenticated users and assign to roles. Since the EDCS uses windows security, most users will already be in the Domain or Active Directory. Users that are not normally assigned access to the network may be given access in a variety of ways. New users are automatically placed in training mode.
BENEFITS - Users can view the documents they are responsible for understanding. EDCS will identify key QMS personnel. Full document security is implemented since only document owners can make changes. Electronic signatures are captured when revisions are authorized. Emails are issued when documents are in transition. Revision work flow is defined and enforced. Corrective Action follow-up.

4. Enter Audit and Management Review information to fully implement the EDCS.

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