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Electronic Document Control System

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Exceeds ISO standards
Easy to Use Web Interface
Secure Document Respository
Password Protected
Built-In Document Change Flow
Role-Based Functionality
Automated Notifications

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Help File - The familiar Windows help format. The .chm file will download to your computer. This is useful if you wish to keep a copy of the documentation on your desktop, for example.

NOTE: Some browsers will download the help file (.chm) but will not permit access to the content. Save the help file, right click the saved file, click Properties and click the Unblock button, then OK. Then double click the help file.

Web Help File - The familiar help format in html format. This help does not download a file to your computer. However, depending on your type of browser, you may be asked to unblock the content.  Some operating systems will not have the NetHelp engine installed.  This will prevent the help file from displaying.

If you cannot get either of these two methods to work for you, please contact and request a help file link via DropBox.

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