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Exceeds ISO standards
Easy to Use Web Interface
Secure Document Respository
Password Protected
Built-In Document Change Flow
Role-Based Functionality
Automated Notifications

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The Electronic Document Control System (EDCS) is available on a name brand laptop fully installed as a virtual machine using the Oracle Virtual Box host (see below for contents). A few configuration steps are required to teach the laptop and the EDCS about your environment and you are ready to go.

Just plug the laptop into your existing network via cable (preferable) or via wireless (not generally as fast) and the EDCS can be ready to manage your documents in a matter of minutes.

You can order the EDCS laptop by emailing

Virtual Machine

The Electronic Document Control System (EDCS) is distributed as an Oracle Virtual Box virtual machine.

Oracle Virtual Box is available free of charge and is included in the EDCS distrubution file set.

Once Oracle Virtual Box is installed, a new virtual machine is created using the EDCS virtual disc drive that contains:
- Microsoft Windows Web Server 2008 (or later) Operating System (licensed)
- Dot Net 4.0 (or later) (run time)
- Windows Powershell (free)
- AVG Virus Protection (free edition)
- Microsoft SQL Express (free edition)
- Microsoft Visual Source Safe (licensed)
- Required Utilities
- Optional EDCS Scan Station Installer

All of the above software is pre-installed on the virtual machine. Once the virtual machine is set up there are just a few actions required to teach the virtual machine about your environment and the EDCS is ready to go.

The virtual machine disc drive file is just over 13GB so we do NOT provide it via download. You can request an installation kit by emailing

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